Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surveying the Seeds

      January starts the garden flow here on my homestead. The greenhouse is ready and waiting as I scatter seed packets across every surface. Dreaming and envisioning lively plants vigorously growing in the fertile soil, I make a list and check it twice- best be sure to have every seed needed for the upcoming season.
         As we survey the seeds, one important thing to note is storage. Seeds need to be kept cool and dry, preferably out of direct light. Here on the homestead, seeds are stored in plastic containers with an air tight seal. Desiccant packets are added to each container to further prevent moisture (these are often from a shoe purchase, a medicine bottle or such). Each container holds a grouping of seeds often planted in the same season, for example, the one I am working from today contains leafy greens, cole crops, radish and carrot, onion and the seeds of tomato and pepper which need started indoors for later. Due to humidity and extreme heat, seed containers stay comfortable and dark in the barn fridge.
            I am known for the 'notebook' issue; having one and carrying it everywhere. Once I 'outgrow' one, I carry two until weaned off the old one. That being said, there is always a spot in my current notebook where my seed list resides. What I have, what I need, and what I'm interested in are listed on a page (or two) with details regarding variety and quantity. There are side notes for my wish list, for example, I am wishing for a grapefruit tree and another lime tree. Since the notebook goes everywhere, I can reference it when seed/garden stops happen.
Hopefully this years seed starts will be as prolific and hearty as last years. Today we start the process and wait for the magic to begin.

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