Friday, January 3, 2014

Watercolor Ponies

     It's funny how you can be going about your day when out of nowhere something stops you right there in your tracts. The dishes done, I went for some cream to put in my coffee when it hit me, my refrigerator is naked. Unbelievable! When did the crayon portraits and watercolor pony art museum disappear? This bracing dose of reality hit me hard, and it wasn't pretty.
      Years ago my husband and I were invited to a concert- we had never been to a concert, but decided to pull ourselves together and give it a go. While there a song struck my heart. We were a young family with tiny bundles of trouble challenging us, so at the time, exhaustion and chaos seemed to rule our home. This song brought me out of my exhausted stupor and made me focus, taking a long much needed look at my heart. You see, my daughters loved to water color- and for one of my little girls, ponies were always a muse.
       Then and there I vowed to treasure the time and find the little things understanding that time flies and babies grow up. Year after year the water color ponies went from the indiscernible semblance of a thing, to canvas pieces from a painting class. There were photos from various events in their little lives and even a few bulls eye targets proudly displayed by our little boy. The fridge was a mural dedicated and ever changing, just like the children who kept it going.
        Today, the water color ponies have all but rode away. My girls have homes of their own and my son is heading for independence as well. The fridge is empty like the bed rooms that once housed doll houses and farm sets. In my moments of reflection my heart was reminded that to everything there is a season- and each season is to be treasured. The emptiness of my fridge is temporary as a grand baby is on the way- she will one day offer her treasures which I will proudly display, once again creating a mural of life and activity. There will be pictures of little ones growing and all the activity that fills there day.
        In this moment I thank God for His grace in blessing me with a beautiful and precious family, for guiding us as we have grown, and for the family still to come as He has planned. My prayers are lifted for young families facing the same exhaustion and challenges I faced so many years ago. I share with you the song that stirred my heart then and came back to my memory today. Enjoy the water color ponies, for one day they will ride away.



Dicky Bird said...

Our oldest daughter just got married on New Year's Day - this post and song were so nice to read and listen to today. Thanks.

Dolly Sarrio said...

Touching and true. You have a lot to look forward too though. My fridge is beginning to overload with grandkids art...Great story. Makes us all think and remember our art that once hung on the refrigerator.