Monday, March 24, 2014

My Unreasonable Pace

    I hear it all the time- co-workers, family members, even a friend here and there. It seems I maintain an 'unreasonable pace'.. one not found in nature or normal people. From the time me toes hit the hardwood it seems there is constant motion. My mind is ever thinking, focusing, concocting this and that. When do I sleep? Hardly ever..
    Sadly, the phrase is often used as a excuse.. for who could keep up with such a life? The reality is, no one. It is my pace. I have a deep burden, conviction, if you will, to fill every minute of my day with productive activity, learning, teaching, sharing, creating. Seeing seeds sprout, a quilt come together, embroidery take form... the spark of knowledge in another's eyes.. that drives me to the pace I keep. I never expect anyone to keep it.. it is mine. However...
     A person with my pace, my passion to be productive, struggles to see why you are not. My sense of - just get up and get it done - often clashes with a more laid back personality. To me, there is no excuse not to do your job, keep your job, or even maintain the task given to you.. and that often causes strife. It's a challenge.. and I am working on it.
     My personality is unique, unusual, and to most people down right exhausting. I have to remind myself that to others I may seem abrasive or harsh.. even over zealous in my activity or my productivity, remembering also that we are all different and we all must learn from each other.
     The reality is, we are all put here for a purpose.. we are to work together.. and to compliment each other. My unreasonable pace is reasonable for me, and your pace is reasonable for you. So, let's make a deal- I will try not to knock your pace and you try not to knock mine.. just work together and let's get things done:)


Michelle said...

Sounds like a bad day. Hope it gets better. I hear something similar to that all the time from family." Why make it if you can just go to the store and buy it." They think I am crazy for having animals and growing my own food,or making my own soaps( laundry, dish soap, and goats milk soap) The funny thing is, they love it when I send homemade bread or things I have canned. I am always asked for my goats milk soap. So I don't get ywhy the comment all the time . I guess you can never figure out family .LOL

Simply Scaife Family said...

Exactly! There is always an easier way.. but that doesn't mean it is the best way.