Monday, March 3, 2014

Of Ice and Simmering Sorts of Things

     From a beautiful afternoon in the 70's to an icy night at 26, we went from weeding empty garden beds to breaking ice in the water troughs. Morning dawned with bitter cold as frozen water made everything a challenge. A perfect day to settle in and focus on simmering things.
The canner simmered with jars of delicious jams, jellies, and sauces; I just couldn't resist some beautiful jars hissing and popping on the counter.
The coffee pot simmered, warm and ready to warm cold hands and soothe chilled bodies. I suppose coffee doesn't actually simmer, but you get the picture.
The soup pot simmered as hearty beef stew bubbled and boiled. Heaping bowls were accompanied by tasty corn muffins; perfect remedy for the howling wind haunting us.
The diffuser simmered with thieves blend, releasing a warm and soothing aroma into the air. Dry, cold wind gave great need for a bit of moisture in the house.
The tub simmered (well, again, use your imagination) with hot mineral bath; much needed after all the chores were finished tonight.
    And so it seems the simmering ends- beneath layers of quilts we lay our heads, breathing in deep the fragrance of home. Tonight my prayers are lifted for the cold, the hungry, and the ones without shelter- may God's grace find them and bring them comfort and direction.

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