Friday, April 11, 2014

I Love It When

I love it when:
I am on my knees
elbow to elbow with a mess of kids
exploring the wonders of fresh poured soil;
I am shoulder to shoulder
seeing the light in a student's eyes
because I trust them with the skillet;
I am side swiped
in a isle
at a store
recognized by one of my kids;
I am seeing the soul
that still remains
in a difficult child.
I love it when
at the end of the day
my mind recalls
all the little things
and I realize
they are very big things.
My job is tough;
the students are tougher;
the system is tough;
but determination,
and hope still exist.
We just have to be willing
to find it.
I love it when some one asks me why I do what I do.


Dicky Bird said...

that was good.

Anonymous said...

Love a lady with wisdom, strength, energy and gumption. :-)