Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pondering the Coming Change

Things are changing. Everywhere I turn it seems more and more difficult to recognize my surroundings. Outside my door the weather changes daily as we move from one season to the next. Cold is followed by rain that inevitably reveals the sun. Bare trees unfurl their leaves and seedlings appear overnight. Transformation is inevitable. It is healthy. It is also hard. These changes fell trees, kill week living things, and bring challenges to new growth.

Along with the changing weather seasons comes changing family seasons. Children grow up, spread their wings, and move on. This is inevitable. It is healthy. It is also hard. These changes alter a home, realign a routine, and cause need to reflect on a lifestyle. Family changes cause us to look deep into ourselves and rediscover what we are at our core. Less distraction, less demanded focus, brings me to a point of challenge- what needs my attention now.
Changes in season also occur in jobs. My husband and I both face the possibility of change in this area; and uncertainty that brings strain and strive. Financial uncertainty is a challenge in and of itself; one that rocks a home at its foundation. This change to is inevitable. It can be healthy, but it is painfully hard. When you have built a life around these things, change is like an earthquake. You can recover from it, but things are never the same.

The remainder of this month finds me and my homestead digging deep, looking hard, and pondering the coming change. It is time to redefine our focus and mold our lives toward the new and coming seasons. Our children are in college; one married and with a child of her own. Our homestead has suffered fallen trees, wear and tear bringing a need for change. Our jobs are uncertain, bringing a need to knuckle down and search long and hard for the next step.

During this time the blog is 'under construction'. I will be seeking help in redesigning and refocusing the purpose and content. While I deeply love writing, educating, and meeting so many wonderful people through this space it is hard to tell if there is any impact or interest still remaining- or if the direction needs to change in order to meet interest.

Thank you for bearing with me during this time of change.


a8383 said...

I do enjoy your posts as I am in the same era. Thank you, Angela

Dicky Bird said...

I'm with Angela, I enjoy your posts and am in the same stage of life too. A link or share with other women in our stage or age would be nice.

Michele Scaife said...

Angela and Dicky Bird, thank you!Hearing from ladies in the same era is always reassuring.

I like the link up idea, but after scrolling around blogger, I have no idea how to set that up.. do you?

a8383 said...

Goodness I wouldn't know how to even have a blog! But it sounds like a wonderful idea. Angela