Friday, March 13, 2015

Regarding Quilting

Recently there have been some questions as to quilting; more specifically, my quilting services. Let me answer a few.

Do you still quilt?
Yes I do, though not as often as in the past. The reason is simple: working during the day and trying to learn machine quilting.

What happened to your Etsy shop?
Simply Scaife Handmade has been temporarily closed. While it seemed to have a small following and we did sell some items, it just wasn't making progress. The future of the sight is not decided.

Are you still available for quilt piecing and finishing?
I am, but the process may take a bit longer due to the fact I am working during the day. No pressing projects are on the table right now, but things can change.

What are the fees for your services?
Simply Scaife Handmade


Layette     Crib     Twin     Full     Queen     King
$60          $100    $120    $140   $160       $180

Quilt Piecing

Layette     Crib     Twin     Full     Queen     King
$50          $75      $90      $105   $120       $135
* hand applique or intricate patterns add $15

Finishing Services

Layette     Crib     Twin     Full     Queen     King
$5             $5        $10      $15      $20     $25  

**quilt repair is priced by evaluation of work needed and size of quilt.

All fabrics, batting is reimbursed at cost.
Thread is included in fees.

Shipping is priced at flat rate prices.
Quilts are worked in a smoke free/pet free home either on a frame or in a hoop.

I do ask that all commission work begin with a $50 deposit which will be applied to the final cost.

If you have more questions regarding quilting services or our shop, please feel free to leave them in the comments or email me directly at


Michelle said...

Your prices are great. I pay much more here,when I don't feel like doing it my self.

Michele Scaife said...

Thank you! I struggle with placing value on my craft.