Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Technical Difficulties- I was not cut out for machinery!

Okay, okay- I broke it again! Can I just say that in all my years of sewing I have never had so much trouble with one. This sucker is finicky. Three baby size quilt tops were cranked out since the last mess and here we go again.

Before you recite the very same words my father said- no, it is not a bent needle. Yes, I checked. Yes, I change it. For whatever reason my top thread is catching on the right side of the bobbin case (inside the bobbin area). No obvious barbs or snag that I see or feel, just seems too tight for the thread to move smoothly. So frustrating!

After much research and a lot of frustrating disassembly, it seems these problems are common to my particular machine and it's family. Some issues are relieved slightly by very frequent cleaning and oiling in the bobbin well. Yuck. I mean, have you ever taken a large sewing machine bobbin area apart? Grief.

So what do you do? Today, I shut the door to my sewing room- declared that persnickety machine dead to me- and pulled out 'old faithful'. I pulled out my standard, box store special, Singer home sewing machine. It still knows how to function without throwing a fit!

Until next time- my fancy, froofroo million dollar baby is in an extended time out and the faithful little machine that could is called to action. Back to the stitching, ladies!

AND- just let me say- THE NEEDLE WAS NOT BENT!!!!  (this time)


Dolly Sarrio said...

I'm sorry Michelle, I have had similar trouble with my regular sewing machine. I put needle in all positions..left, center, right over and over again..changed needles numerous times...took machine apart all of the bobbin ...put back together on off pull plug and then quit went back next day and dang thing worked just fine..I hope yours will work good again for you...

Lisa Coon said...

If I have trouble with my sewing machine, it's usually bobbin/tension related. And I have taken it apart and cleaned it, so I understand. I'm not even an avid sewer. I don't have the patience for it. Ironically, my craft of choice is cross stitch, which takes F O R E V E R to finish.