Friday, February 12, 2016

Getting Back to Me

Hello, my name is Michele. It has been over a month since my last post.

Already this year, this small life has had so many not so small changes. I'm not sure why these particular changes have been so challenging- change happens all the time. For some reason, this season of change tipped my bucket and set me off my course. 

Enough already. Enough letting things tip my scales and topple my blocks. It is time to get back to me- to the things that make me tick and push my drive; to the things that feed my soul giving me the charge to function. I have had enough moping and bemoaning the changes. 

Starting today I am getting back to...
Teaching! I am an educator by nature and there is no way to hide from it- but I was trying. These days I have a full time job which offers me the opportunity to teach a wide range of beautiful souls a wide range of subjects I love. 

Cooking! Yes, my job involves cooking- but I mean the ebb and flow of taste and trial.. the experimentation of flavor, texture and color. Do you know how hard it is to cook when there is only one or two to feed?

The Barn Things! Little chirps and peeps- fuzzy baby goat noses- it has been far too long. There are two does ready to pop and I am very ready to cuddle me some babies!

Gardens! Three sad, neglected gardens long for love and spring is a great time to jump in. As the days get a bit longer, hopefully I will be able to rewild myself after hours with some much needed soil and garden therapy.

Sewing! So many empty rooms in my house are calling to me for useful rearranging, one of which is the sewing room. My fabric stash is overflowing- all I need is time/ My son is going to need a manly quilt to keep him warm when he finishes basic training.. and my grandbaby will need a bigger quilt to cuddle. I need to get busy!

Blogging- believe it or not, ,,my mind wanders over posts yet to be written, stories yet to be shared, and the many untold dramas that daily life holds. The only thing keeping me away from here has been me and my anxious, noxious self- pitifulness. Time to get over it.

Today is a new day in a new season of life. It is long past time to let go, leave behind, and move on. It is time to get back to me. Let's walk this path and see where the trail leads us. Come join me!

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Angela said...

Don't we women just ALWAYS struggle with this? I don't think men do. I know at this middling time of life I really work to find my new normal. Look forward to you renewing your journey!