Sunday, February 21, 2016

Miss K's New Loves

They arrived on the homestead farm Saturday morning; creatures great and small welcomed them with nuzzles and noises. No welcome was so wondrous as the one that came Sunday afternoon as our littlest farm girl found a whole new set of loves. 

Little Miss K has been combing the pages of our favorite poultry catalog for weeks. Each time revealed the struggle within her to choose only a few (a feeling I know well). She practiced her poultry care techniques with little fluffy toy chicks in order to be fully prepared when the real ones arrived. This weekend as a set of chicks found their way to our brooder, Miss K joined the ranks of crazy chicken ladies everywhere! 
Genuine enthusiasm and joy beamed from her dimpled face as she made her way to the brooder. Soft whispers of love and adoration were given as she crouched down and carefully let them settle at her presence. Hand feeding, gentle cuddles, and just plain sitting and observing their antics was the only thing on her agenda that day. Quite an attention span for an almost two year old!

I grew up with baby chicks. My children grew up with baby chicks. Now our little Miss K will grow up learning the many wonders and amazing life lessons chicks can give. Welcome to the family, Miss K's new loves. The 'wittle beebee shickiez' have arrived!


Dicky Bird said...

Yes, welcome Miss K to the world of chicken herdsmanship. May you forge relationships with your little hens and grow in knowledge and strength that this experience offers. I am excited for you!

Michele Scaife said...

Thank you, sweet friend!