Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekend Wilding

I am an outdoors soul with an intense need for sunshine and fresh air. While my job does afford me opportunity for outdoor exposure, some weeks do find me inside more than out. This week was hit and miss- and with the sun warming the soil, the ability to be inside was quite a strain! That is what weekend wilding is for!!
Friday finds me fidgeting and fussing for the five o'clock hour- that magical moment when I can strip off the constrictions of professional life and don the clothing only nature can appreciate. The emotional and mental strain of the week has drained my energy reserves bringing a need for immediate immersion in the wild world. My fast fix is a walk.. at the wooded park, among the gardens, or even along the country road I live on. Getting myself away from media, social mayhem, and the demands of bureaucracy is a number one priority and that walk kick starts the process.
From there, it is time to steep myself in the habits and happenings of homestead farming. Ben and I stroll the pastures and commune with the herds and flocks, catching up on the musings of the hens as they cackle their complaints about rations and roosters. We find ourselves in the garden breathing deep the fragrance of herb and soil all the while nibbling tasty bits of this and that. Settling in the outdoor chairs, warm coffee is sipped as Ben checks every nook and cranny for any naughty beastie, eventually settling himself at my side (or on my lap). Birds sing us into a soothing mood, offering gentle meditation in the presence of God's handiwork.
End of day finds me at the kitchen sink watching the sun set through the window. There is food to prep, dishes to tend, and laundry to sort, but the setting sun never looks the same twice so those things can be done as soon as darkness falls. This painting by God's hand is meant for us, yet so often we miss it. Weekends are for sunset watching.
It is true, there are a bounty of chores to be done on the weekend- especially in the spring..yet, there is also time for stopping to gaze up through the tree tops at the beauty of filtered sunlight. Time must be founds to nuzzle soft muzzles and scratch furry ears. Before I know it Monday will find me.. for now, my weekend intention is to steep myself in the beauty of wild things and breath in the wonder all of nature holds.

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Dicky Bird said...

I love the weekend time spent together with my husband too. Even if it involves chores.