Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wet But Not Washed Away

Dear Everyone,

It seems I cannot remember how many days it has been since the flood and rains began- but I do know it has not stopped. Our little homestead has not suffered any significant damage so far; God has been quite merciful! That said, many around can not say the same.

Homes, vehicles, and anything not rooted down are washing away in record breaking flood waters. Trees continue to fall offering their own form of devastating damage. Roads remain or become impassable on an hour by hour basis. Livestock struggle to be relocated. Let's just say- this are dire and they are not going to improve soon.

While we are fine, and our family are accounted for- our hearts and hands go out to those in need, helping in any way we can. Our office takes calls daily assisting our community in finding resources and services they need. At home, we make contact and offer assistance wherever we can. It is time to come together and get through it.

Let's take a moment today and consider the needs of others while it is in our power to do so.

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