Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hello, Ben

teething, of course
Meet Benjamin.. Ben. Our precocious new puppy. He came to us a six week old great Pyrenees barely big enough to cover your lap. Here three weeks later he is almost as long as my leg and still growing leaps and bounds. Ben loves squeak toys, rawhide, tennis balls- well, anything he can chew without getting in trouble.. and... he is mama's boy.
Under my feet (or on them), this little polar bear is never a paw's length away from me; not even during chores. Needless to say, our herd mama- Zaida- is less than impressed with my new shadow; this makes milking quite a circus.
When we introduced Ben to the herd, the girls where quite accommodating- allowing sniffs and licks as they got to know each other. . all except Zaida. Zaida offered him a swift head but to the ground with a hearty roll on the back. He yelped.. She snorted. It was all over but the whimpering. You can imagine, Ben kept his distance from her, until he discovered milking.
You see, during milking Ziada is confined in a stanchion.. unable to ram, kick, but, or bite. Once Ben realized this, he has since taken full advantage. Once she is latched in, Ben places both front paws on the stand making faint yipping sounds as he sniffs and licks anything he can reach.. like her hooves and legs. He more she snorts and stomps, the more he pesters her. When he tires of that, it's time to sit with both front paws on mamma's lap watching the milking and, of course, making yippy noises and occasionally licking her back leg. You have to experience it to grasp how funny yet challenging it really is.
Little Ben loves his spot in the house, right in front of the fan, where he naps throughout the hot parts of the day. He has claimed a little pool for himself and decided mama chickens are a force to be reckoned with. Ben loves eggs with his morning meal and will find mama if the guys forget to put one in his dish.
I love it when he places a big paw on me and give me a 'sugar'.. or tries to pull my hair.. untie my apron strings... and lay his head on my feet when I am working. We play ball, tug of war... splash in the hose when I fill water bowls. He brings a smile to my face and a giggle to my heart.
Welcome to the homestead, Ben!   


Lisa Coon said...

Cute! We recently brought home a lab mix puppy. Her name is Lucy.

Kathleen said...

Your post makes me miss our Rosie, a Pyrenees guardian for our sheep and goats for many, many years. She grew too old and sore for the job and finally passed away. We haven't been able to replace her. What fun for you to begin with a puppy! Good luck!